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My main instrument is my B120 archtop guitar made by master luthier (and genius in my opinion!) Roger Borys. This guitar is my workhorse. It's a smaller instrument 16 with 24.75 scale with a great big sound. Roger doesn't get the PR that many of the more well-known luthiers enjoy, but for my money, he makes the best archtops available today. And I've played many, many of the hand-made instruments out there.

For Brazilian music, I turn to a Taylor Nylon string acoustic.

Finally, my Fender American Standard Telecaster - with a classic 57 humberbucker pick-up in the neck position gets the call for gigs requiring a little more rock punch.

I have two amplifiers which cover every gig that
I am called on to play. My tube rig is a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reish. I have upgraded the speaker to a Eminence Lil' Texas Neo. The result is much more head room and a warmer sound.

My solid state rig features an Acoustic Image Clarus Plus amplifier through a Raezer's Edge Stealth 10 speaker cabinet. The Clarus has plenty of power and lets the sound of the instrument really come through. I also use the Raezer's Edge as an extention speaker for the Fender.

For my Borys, I use D'Addario Half Round strings. HR350 Jazz Lights. They run from 12 - 52. I've experimented with lots of different strings -- flat round, round wound, etc., and keep coming back to the D'Addarios.

I use Dunlop picks -- 2.0mm. After years using Fender Extra-heavy's I've finally found a pick that has both the punch as well as the articulation I was looking for!


Borys B120




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